5 Premium Dog Crates That Enhance Your Home's Interior

5 Premium Dog Crates That Enhance Your Home's Interior

You’re a devoted pet parent to your doggo, but have you been housing them like a member of the family? 

Let’s face it, if you choose to use one, dog crates are ugly. They take up a lot of space, they’re bulky, and they are the eyesore to your beautifully furnished living room. We house them in our kitchens, in our bedrooms and in utility rooms everywhere. When we have parties, we cringe at the thought of trying to hide them somewhere in the house and as a result, we relegate them to the garage. While this provides a quick fix, our doggos have no familiar safe space to retreat to when they get exhausted from all the attention. 

Fortunately for dog parents everywhere there are new solutions to provide your pup the comfort of the crate they know and love without sacrificing aesthetics. Here are five different types of premium crates that will fit in perfectly in any room you choose, no hiding necessary.

1. Revol

First up is the Revol dog crate from Diggs. This award-winning, collapsible pup crate is easy to set up, transport and store. Revol’s design, inspired by baby industry quality standards, incorporates premium materials, is ergonomic and easy-to-use, and is sturdy and durable. We love how smoothly it transitions from home to travel. It’s perfect for spaces of all sizes and a doggo that likes a change of scenery. And just for TPC pet parents, Diggs is offering $25 off when you use the code PETCOLLECTIVE25 at checkout.

2. Kooldog Modern Dog House

The Kooldog Modern Dog House is perfect for the small fur baby with a particular modern taste. The durable and comfortable crate includes a solid wood construction finished in attractive white and brown colors. The crate is also made of materials that are solid and safe for small puppers.

3. Ginny Pet Crate

The Espresso Ginny Pet Crate is a great way to integrate your pup’s home with your current design and furniture needs - complimenting your existing look. The crate provides both functionality and transitional style with a versatile finish.

4. Omlet Fido Studio Dog Crate

From puppy to adult, the Omlet Fido Studio Dog Crate provides a durable and stylish home for life. Designed as a piece of contemporary furniture, the crates are an ideal size to be used as an end table in your living room, kitchen or even bedroom.

5. Damien Double Wide Small Credenza Pet Crate

And last, but certainly not least, is the Damien Double Wide Small Credenza Pet Crate by Archie & Oscar. Crafted from solid wood and metal, it looks like a credenza but acts like a crate. It features crown molding on the top and a solidly-hued finish for a traditional look.


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