11 Pet Treats That Are Secretly Healthy (Your Fur Baby Will Never Know the Difference)

11 Pet Treats That Are Secretly Healthy (Your Fur Baby Will Never Know the Difference)

Just because your good girl or boy deserves a treat, doesn’t mean you have to give them junk food. Especially since diet is such an important part of your pet’s health, it’s always a good idea to give them healthy snacks. And by “healthy,” we mean made from wholesome ingredients that are fortified with extra nutrients to make sure your pupper or catto is getting everything they need to live a long, healthy and happy life. 

That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on healthy treats, either. If you don’t have time to grill organic chicken breast for them every morning, they will totally understand! Luckily for us pet parents, finding healthy (and budget-friendly) treats online is super easy — and your fur love will never know that their treats are “healthy” — they’ll just be super psyched they taste so good!

Here are some highly-rated and loved treats for both cats and dogs. If your fur baby depends on a specific diet, talk to your vet before trying anything new. Plus, the cool thing about ordering from Amazon is that you can subscribe and save 5-10 percent on your order (you can cancel the subscription literally anytime). 

Dog treats:

1. Nutro Natural Crunchy Dog Treats, $4.73

With five stars and almost 3,000 reviews, Nutro Natural Crunchy Treats are loved pretty much across the board. The treats are small enough to be given liberally, but still substantial enough that your dog will enjoy them, regardless of their size or appetite. Nutro products contain none of the bad stuff, like chicken by-product meal, artificial preservatives, flavors, or coloring, wheat, corn, or soy protein. Giving a few of these treats to your pup is like giving them a healthy cookie that tastes like fresh berries. 

2. Zesty Paws Omega NutraStix, $12.97

Oral health is *so* important when it comes to your pup’s overall health. While it’s important to get in a regular teeth cleaning, you can supplement those with a dental stick that your dog will enjoy. Zesty Paws’ Omega NutraStix are not only good for your dog’s teeth, but they’re formulated with a fish and algae blend that helps keep their coat shiny and skin nourished (this treat is especially great for breeds that experience dry, itchy skin!). NutraStix also contain ingredients like bone broth, Omega-3 fatty acids, and peppermint for immune and cardiovascular support, as well as helping your pup maintain a fresh breath, because, let’s face it — nobody loves stinky kisses (we’ll take ‘em anyway because we love our doggos, obviously).

 3. Oven-Baked Buddy Biscuits, $11.49

If you’ve ever baked your own dog treats before, then you know it can be a fun experience that both you and your pup can get a lot out of. But since we’re all pretty busy these days, you can still purchase treats that taste exactly like they came out of your very oven. Buddy Biscuits, which are peanut-butter flavored treats, are made with only four ingredients, so they truly do taste homemade. They’re tasty and crunchy, so your pup will love you for giving them a biscuit or two for their good work.

4. Hill’s Crunchy Fruity Snacks with Apples & Oatmeal, $4.49

These delicious little oat treats are made with healthy, natural ingredients (no artificial preservatives or flavors!) and they’ve got a great, crunchy texture. Many customers on Amazon rave about how these treats are especially perfect for their doggos with sensitive stomachs. Hill’s is known for their high-quality formula, so you can trust that they’ll deliver only the best for your pup. 

5. Wellness Natural Soft Dog Treats, $9.39

Wellness comes with a variety of different flavored treats, all soft and perfect for puppies-in-training or smaller dogs who may struggle with crunchier snacks. Ingredients are all grain-free and made with two kinds of fresh meat. They’re all-natural, never contain corn, soy, or artificial colors or flavors, and they’re made in the US. I personally used Wellness when I was training my pup, and she couldn’t get enough of the lamb and salmon flavor!

6. Full Moon Organic Chicken Nugget Treats, $9.74

Ever feel like getting an extra order of chicken nuggets for your pup? Now you can — and you don’t have to subject your fur love to any bad-for-your ingredients, either! (Who else here feeds their dog better than they feed themselves??) These treats are human-grade, are all-natural, don’t contain any glycerin or grains, and are perfectly chewy and soft. 

Cat treats:

1. Feline Greenies Natural Dental Care Treats, $9.57

If you’ve ever attempted to brush your cat’s teeth, then you probably know that it’s not an easy task. In between vet visits, give your kitty a few of these dental treats! Cats love them, and they’re made with natural ingredients with added vitamins as well as taurine to make sure your kitty gets great dental care and feels his or her best. 

2. Fruitables Crunchy Cat Treats, $2.49

If you never thought you’d be able to get your cat to eat fruit, try these beloved treats on for size. These low-cal snacks are made with salmon, pea fiber, and cranberry — and never contain animal by-products, wheat, corn, soy, and artificial ingredients. They also make an enticing sound when you shake the bag — just in case you have a shy catto that needs to be convinced they deserve a snack (LOL!). 

3. Orijen High-Protein, Grain-Free Premium Treats, $6.99

Your kitty will definitely taste (wild-caught!) fish and fresh meat that goes into this high-protein treat. It uses raw animal ingredients, and is grain-free. Customers on Amazon say this treat is a life saver for their older, picky eaters who won’t chow down unless they have this treat first. Some cat parents have even been able to *train* their cats using these snacks!

4. Get Naked Urinary Health Crunchy Treats, $3.49

If your catto has potty problems (as many senior cats do), these treats are formulated with cranberry to help support the urinary tract and prevent bacteria buildup. They’re also cat-approved, so they make for the perfect treat if you want to give your fur love something tasty but still beneficial for their health. These treats are also made with real chicken to get that protein in, as well as taurine which helps with vision and heart health.

5. Whole Life Pet Freeze Dried Cod Treats, $3.02

Even though we’d love nothing more than if we could cook our cattos some fancy grilled fish for dinner every day, that would be hecking expensive! These freeze dried cod treats are the next best thing, and they’re reasonably priced considering your kitty is getting pure, human-grade wild cod. They come with no preservatives — the pieces of cod are just freeze dried. Whole Life makes sure to go through every batch of their treats and do rigorous quality control to make sure every single bag is suitable for your cat.



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