12 Amazon Products Every Good Dog Parent Swears By

12 Amazon Products Every Good Dog Parent Swears By

There’s no one “correct” way to be a good dog parent, but there are definitely products out there that make life easier for you *and* your pup. While you’ve probably found that it takes a bit of trial and error to find the perfect toy, most delicious (and healthy) dog food, and a chew toy your doggo won’t destroy in two seconds, once you do find those go-tos, you’re pretty much set for awhile.

If you’re still on the hunt for tried and true dog staples, here are some products with the highest reviews on Amazon. Take the guesswork out of finding the best stuff for your pooch, and just go with what works for thousands of other people, who, like you, love their pup to the moon and back.

1. Pet Zone Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowls, $26.95

You may not have even thought about it before, but if you have a tall pup, they’re probably straining their neck every time they’re munching on some kibble or taking a few laps of water. It adds up over time, so you want to make sure you’re making chow time as comfortable as possible. These elevated bowls are adjustable, so they’ll work for just able any height and size.

2. Haute Diggity Dog Lick Croix Plush Toy, $13.99

Your pupper deserves their own can of pamplemousse La Croix, too! These squeaky plush toys come in three sizes (small, large and extra-large) and are made with super durable material. You can even choose between other “Lick Croix” flavors (like lime and berry), as well as other beverages, like “Grrrona,” “Johnnie Dogwalker,” “Red Bulldog,” and more. Bonus: These make for great Instagram pics, too.

3. Premium Care Calming Treats for Dogs, $29.96

Whether your pup suffers from separation anxiety, boredom, or firework stress, these calming treats will do the job the natural way. With over 7,000 reviews and 4 ½ stars, you can trust these ingredients (passion flower, chamomile, valerian root, l-tryptophan, and organic root, plus tasty duck flavoring) to help relieve anxiety (and your pup will just think they’re getting a treat for being a good boy/girl). 

4. Thundershirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket, $39.95

Thundershirt is a cult classic for a reason: It really helps calm your pup’s anxiety, which might be at an all time high during the summer with more fireworks going off than ever, not to mention booming thunderstorms that might send your poor doggo under the bed to hide. Thundershirts also help with over-excitement, like when you have guests over and your doggo is so psyched they just don’t know what to do with themselves and resort to jumping and eating walls.

The Thundershirt, which comes in all sizes, is designed to apply even, gentle pressure throughout your dogs body, so they feel safer. 

5. Arm &  Hammer Ora-Play Bone Dental Chew, $5.29

Chew toys can be tricky. On one hand, if your dog likes to gnaw, you can keep them entertained for hours with a sturdy chew. On the other, if that chew is made with material that breaks off, your pup could be in danger of ingesting something not good for them. This durable chew bone is made with peanut butter-flavored thermal plastic rubber that not only feels amazing to chew on (so say the reviewers), but also cleans your pup’s teeth while they gnaw away.

6. Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste Kit, $5.86

Keeping your doggo’s chompers clean and tartar-free is super important. Don’t wait until your annual or bi-annual vet visit — just brush your pup’s teeth yourself! This kit makes it easier for pet parents to brush. The design of the brush makes it so that you can quickly get the job done, and the taste of the toothpaste won’t put off your pup, who, like most toddlers, probably doesn’t consider teeth-brushing all that fun. One reviewer writes, “I have two springers whose teeth were getting bad — to the point where I was about to pay big $$ to get them done at the dentist. I started using this and brushing their teeth every other day — oh snap, this works magic — most of their plaque is gone already!”

7. Burt’s Bees Waterless Shampoo Spray, $7.94

If you have a pup with sensitive skin but lots of fur (that tends to get dirt and mud on it super quickly), then you know how hard it can be to keep them clean. You don’t want to over-shampoo them, because it can irritate their skin, but you don’t want them to live with dirty, stinky fur! A great solution to this problem is getting waterless shampoo spray that’s made with a hydrating formula (this particular one by Burt’s Bees contains coconut oil) that cleans your pup’s fur but also conditions it. After a quick spritz, your doggo will be clean, shiny, and they’ll smell fantastic, too.

8. Eagloo No-Pull Dog Harness, $16.99-$24.99

If you’ve got a puller or just a puppy who hasn’t gotten the hang of walking yet, it’s super important to invest in a good harness. If your pup pulls too much, you run the risk of damaging their throat and neck if you just hook their leash onto their collar. Get a harness that’s designed to be no-pull to decentivize them from lunging or trying to run while you’re holding a leash, and try to find one that’s reflective as well (so that if your pup does escape at night, at least they’re more visible). This harness by Rabbitgoo has almost 1,500 reviews and 4 ½ stars, with reviewers claiming it was a life-saver for them and their doggos (yup, even big ones!). It comes in all sizes and nine colors, so you can customize based on your pupper’s size and taste. 

9. Anti-Chew Spray Deterrent, $17.99

While this bitter (non-toxic) spray may not work for every dog (sometimes they’re just REALLY determined to gnaw on your table leg, sorry!), many pups do get turned off by the taste and will eventually stop chewing on your things for good. If you’ve got a pup who just can’t get enough of chewing on all your favorite possessions, try pairing this spray and giving them an appropriate chew toy (like the Arm & Hammer bone we listed above). That way, you’re really setting them up for success.

10. Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Interactive Puzzle, $12.99

If your doggo is being naughty, chances are they’re just bored! You may have a high-energy, smart pup who just wants to find something to do around the house, so one of the best ways to divert that energy from chewing your couch to doing something more productive is by giving them a game to play with. With almost 8,000 reviews and 4 ½ stars, this puzzle is not too difficult but not so easy your pup finishes it in two seconds and walks off. Aside from providing great mental stimulation, this puzzle is super easy to clean and put back together.

11. Bully Grip Bully Stick Holder, $15.95

Does your doggo love love love bully sticks? Most dogs do, and while bully sticks are pretty safe (they’re super digestible and made with all-natural, protein-rich ingredients), there is a small chance your pup may swallow too big of a piece and end up at the vet ER. Avoid this by getting them a bully stick holder. All you need to do is place the bully stick inside the rubber hole, and it’ll grib the stick while your pup chews away.

12. Salmon Fish Oil Omega-3 Treats, $25.97

You want to give your pooch a treat for being good, but you don’t want to give them too much junk food. Like us, dogs need to eat nutritious food and watch their weight in order to remain healthy. Get your pup healthy dog treats that nourish their brain and heart health while also keep their fur nice and shiny.

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