Give Your Doggo The Comfiest, Most Instagram-Friendly Place to Sleep — Because They Deserve It

Give Your Doggo The Comfiest, Most Instagram-Friendly Place to Sleep — Because They Deserve It

Your pup’s bed takes up a lot of room in your home, and chances are, you’ve spoiled your fur baby and have beds in each room (my girl has a bed in our bedroom, the office, and one in the living room because I like to give her options, you know?!). You want your pup to be comfortable wherever she decides to get some zzz’s, and of course you want to be accommodating. But let’s be real with ourselves: a lot of dog beds are not super cute. And they get dirty fast. When your dog beds are part of your home’s aesthetics, it’s okay to want something that adds to your stylish home!

Looking for a dog pet that’s functional AND looks super cute? Get your pup a cute little teepee where they can hop in and sleep so that they’re surrounded by peace and quiet and have their own space. Your doggo’s new teepee will look chic as heck. No more dirty dog mat out in the open. Instead, show off your doggo’s adorable little Insta-friendly nook. 

Our teepes (which come in black and white and pink and white striped) give your pup a super cozy hideaway that they can easily hop in and out of (once they step foot inside, you’ll probably have to coax them out for a walk), and they also include a soft, plush cushion that’s removable and can be washed (in fact, the entire teepee is machine washable, so if they do get dirty after awhile (because dogs), you can easily wash them along with the rest of your laundry basket. They’re made of 100% cotton and a pine wood pole, and they’re travel-friendly too, so you can take them on vacation with you if you want!

Striped Black Teepee,  $76

Striped Pink Teepee, $76

And if you’re looking for a traditional dog bed that’s gorgeous and gives your pup the best sleep of their life? Look no further than this adorbs pink gingham bed that’s farmhouse meets millennial chic. It’s high-quality (made with a durable cotton cover that’s upholstery grade and machine washable), so it won’t wear down after a few washes. It’s made with a Sustainafill™ Insert that won’t ever get clumpy (because clumpy beds are the worst!) and it’s made to last for years. Your pup will be the comfiest possible with this bed’s Shredded Memory Foam insert.

Gingham Check Dog Bed, $89

Here’s to many happy naps! Your doggo will thank you.

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