These Adorable Stairs Make it Easier for Doggos to Hop in Bed With You

These Adorable Stairs Make it Easier for Doggos to Hop in Bed With You

Nothing is cuter or cozier than your pup hopping in bed for some snuggles, but you do want to make sure they do it safely. Especially if you have a mattress that’s high off the ground, or if your doggo has short legs, you’ll want to give them a little bit more support when they go to make that leap. Luckily, Amazon has some really cute and practical options when it comes to stairs for your dog. Some are even foldable, which is handy if you don’t have the biggest bedroom. Check out your options!

1. Best Pet Supplies Foldable Foam Stairs, $42.42-$69.99

These stairs are specially created to help your pets get to and from your bed without hurting their joints by using mattress-grade cushioning. You can fold this up and take it anywhere with you, so if you have a family trip coming up, you can always bring this with (this is also helpful for moving room-to-room so you don’t need to get multiple if you don’t want). Plus, customers have eight different color and pattern options so that you can match the stairs to your bed or overall room aesthetic.

2. Zinus Easy Pet Stairs, $26.39-$67.99

Zinus pet stairs are ideal for bigger dogs (although they offer a variety of sizes to meet your pup’s needs!). The ramp is made with a high-density foam interior, and the cover is removable and washable. One customer left a review stating, “These stairs are great! Exactly what I have been looking for! My bed is really high, and my little 20lb mutt often slipped using the cheaper smaller plastic stairs. With these new stairs he trots right up to my bed, no slipping, very easy, they’re perfect!”

3. MEWANG Wooden, Portable, and Foldable 3-Level Pet Stairs, $84.99

If you’re looking for an option other than foam, this wooden set of stairs is perfect. Not only is it foldable and portable, but it’s suitable and safe for any pup up to 110 pounds. The wood material makes this even more sturdy for heavier dogs who may cause other stairs to slip and slide if placed on wood or laminate floors. 

4. Majestic Pet Portable, Soft Sherpa Foam-Feeling Stairs, $46.07-$73.99

Want high-quality, soft stairs (that won’t hurt your shins in the middle of the night) that also double as bedroom decor? These stairs come in 39 different colors and patterns. Depending on the size of your pup, you can choose from four different sets of stairs. Majestic offers 3-step, 4-step, 3-step heavy duty, and 4-step heavy duty to make sure your big boy or girl is safe when hopping up in bed with you. These stairs can support up to 250 pounds, so you don’t need to worry if your Mastiff uses them. Made with high-quality materials and a cover you can easily wash, these stairs are pretty much ideal.

5. Arf Pets 3-Step Wooden, Non-slip Stairs and Cat House, $89.99

If you’re a dog and cat parent, this two-for-one is perfect for your pup who just wants to cuddle with you in bed and your cat who wants to cuddle, well, by themselves. These stairs, made of wood and carpet material, also double as a little kitty home, so you can save money if you’re looking for stairs and a cat jungle gym for them to chill out in. These stairs are good for pets up to 150 pounds, but are probably best suited for smaller dogs (in case your kitty is sleeping inside, too). These also come with carry handles for easy transportation.

 6. PetSafe Foldable Wood Stairs, $64.95-$104.95

 PetSafe offers another chic, wooden option for stairs that support up to 150 pounds with durable, high-quality material that could easily match the rest of your furniture. Even if it doesn’t, the stairs are foldable, so you can easily put them away if you need to. These stairs come with carpet covers to keep your pup for slipping and sliding when using them, which is super necessary if you’ve got an extra-enthusiastic fur baby who’s just excited to come cuddle with you. One reviewer wrote, “This was an excellent buy. It’s beautifully made, sturdy and easy to move. I’m very pleased that I purchased these for our two pomeranians. I have it on hardwood floors and I haven’t had any issues with it shifting.”


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