These Dog Harnesses Have the Highest Ratings on Amazon, and They're Cute, Too

These Dog Harnesses Have the Highest Ratings on Amazon, and They're Cute, Too

Some puppers are great on their leash. They walk without pulling their human, they heel without being reminded, and they wouldn’t dare lunge at, say, a squirrel. Others are, well, a little bit more challenged in that department. Some doggos are a combination of strong, excited, and resistant to their parents’ commands to “heel” and that probably means that they like to pull. This includes my 11-month-old German Shepherd, who I’m still training to be a bit more easy-going on her leash. What can I say? She’s strong-willed (just like her mom, LOL). Since she’s a hardcore puller, I have her wear a harness, which gives me better control, evenly applies pressure that isn’t painful and doesn’t cause her to choke when she starts pulling. Many harnesses even discourage pulling, which is ideal.

Finding the right harness is no small feat, though! You want to make sure they’re practical and do the job, while also providing comfort and not digging into your pup’s skin. Also, it’s not a crime to want an adorable harness. After all, your doggo will be wearing one for a while, so you might as well get one that makes them really shine.

Here are some options from Amazon that are not only highly rated and loved by customers, but give your pup a stylish edge and prove to be super effective.

1. Voyager Step-In Air Harness for small dogs, $8.99-$12.99

If you’re looking for a simple harness for your little pup (this won’t work on big dogs, but you can get a Voyager harness for a medium-sized doggo), this one slides right on. The safety features (the hook and loop fastener, and buckle and double-D rings) keep your pup nice and snug and secure. “I get lots of compliments for how cute they look and the fit is perfect. Not a single rash or chaffing on either of my pups, even after miles long hikes,” one customer with two dachshunds wrote. Make sure to measure your doggo before purchasing a Voyager harness.

2. EcoBark Classic Harness for all dogs, $11.99-$16.99


Many customers have raved about the EcoBark leash, saying it’s a miracle-worker for their leash-averse pup. “She’s like a completely different dog on a leash with the harness! The product fits so perfectly, thanks to the measurement recommendations. I’m not overstating when I saw this product is a life-changer for Tiwi and me,” one wrote. The EcoBark is durable, even for the most chewy doggo (its double mesh is designed to last), it’s made with built-in anti-rub technology so the material and fit won’t irritate your pup, the buckles are secure for the sneakiest of escape artists, and the material is eco-friendly and made with recycled goods!

3. Ringloose No Pull Harness for small to medium dogs, $7.99-$8.99


This plaid harness comes in several different colors, so not only does your dog get to make a fashion statement, but they’re able to be safely and comfortably walked without you worrying about them escaping or feeling too stuffy. Customers love how much value you get out of this harness, and how much it’s helped them and their fur babes on walks! “This is the best harness I have found. I have purchased others...and this one has not caused my pug to cough and seem out of breath when she decides to pull on the leash. The back strap is secure so I am not worried about her pulling out of it. I like the colors because each of my pugs (3) has a different color wardrobe (collars, leashes, sweaters). Would recommend,” one Amazon user wrote. The strong velcro and heavy metal D-ring keeps your doggo secure and the breathable mesh makes them feel snug but not too tight, and perfect for all kinds of weather.

4. Noxgear Lighthound Illuminated and Reflective Harness (all sizes), $59.95


Not only is this harness easy to use, super adjustable, and makes walking that much easier with your eager pup, but it lights up for safety! This illuminated harness doesn’t even require batteries — you simply charge it, and it’s good to go for 12 hours. One customer wrote, “These products are really well made, and my husband enjoys the setting that slowly changes color. It’s like a party on a leash! Someone’s already asked where he got it, and another yelled out a car window driving by: ‘I like your style!’” The harness is also made with high-quality and military-grade Cordura fabric, which means it’s hard to destroy. Bonus? You can throw it in the washer if it gets dirty.

5. Poypet No Pull Harness (all sizes), $19.99-$23.99


If you *really* want your fur babe to stand out, PoyPet offers a bunch of different kinds of patterns for their harnesses. It’s not just for show, either! These harnesses are designed to be no-pull and will not choke your eager little (or big) one who just saw a cat run across the street. The adjustable fit is handy, especially if your doggo is in between sizes. Plus, it has a handle which allows you to quickly grab on to your pup before they jump or lunge. One happy reviewer wrote, “I had hunted for a harness with an adjustable neck, as (for some unknown reason) a load of them on the market have non-adjustable necks. This one is easy on, easy off, GREAT adjustability, reflective, and has a handle! Checked it all off my list! Once my puppy outgrows this one, I’ll buy the next size up!”

6. Barkbay No Pull Front Clip Harness for large dogs, $25.99-$27.99

This is a great option for larger dogs who need all the comfort they can get (as well as us parents who need all the control we can get, because we know what it’s like to have a big dog pull!). This lightweight harness is especially awesome because of its four points of adjustment — no awkward tightness in one spot and looseness in another. This option also has a reflective strip so your pup is easily visible at night! A customer wrote, “[Our dog’s] a puller and this harness gives us great control over her tugging. It has light padding so it seems comfortable for her and she doesn’t try to escape from it either.”

7. Rypet Harness and Leash Set for small dogs, $10.49-$11.49

Really want to dress to impress? The Rypet harness comes in different patterns and designs (from preppy sailboats to pink and blue plaid) and they all come with a classy bow! Cuteness aside, this harness is very comfortable for your pup and easy to use and adjust. “Love this harness! Highly adjustable and fits multiple breed sizes and weights. Perfect starter harness to buy as your dog is a puppy, and will continue to fit for months through development,” a user shared.

8. Pawtitas Reflective Step In Harness (all sizes), $13.14-$18.99

Pawtitas harnesses offer a variety of super cute colors, they’re super easy to use, and are designed to reflect ambient light when it’s dark outside. Amazon customers claim that this product is high-quality and easily adjustable. All you have to do is have your pup step into two openings, slide up their legs, and then connect with the clasps on their upper back. One reviewer wrote, “Brilliant...has stopped my 8 month old puppy pulling and she now walks well at my side.”

9. Pupteck No Pull Harness for puppies and small dogs, $9.99-$11.99

This cotton candy harness is designed for puppies, so it doesn’t have quite the durability you’ll need for a stronger, bigger dog who’s constantly on a mission. With that said, it’s a great, budget-friendly option for when you’re training your pupper to learn to love their harness (and to love walks on a leash!). “Now, when my dad takes our little dog for a walk, the dog doesn’t get choked by his collar because dad walks too slow. The dog doesn’t mind having it on, either, which is a big change for this little guy. He HATES putting anything on that has the slightest chance of restricting him,” a customer pointed out. Cute AND doggo-approved!

10. Bark Lover Harness with Bowtie for small puppies, $13.49

“I have purchased this item and have had my puppy wearing his harness for about a month now. I love this product so much! Not only is it super cute, but my little guy had a velcro harness and never wanted to go on long walks, something about this new harness with the tightening buckle to adjust it just for him makes him love going on walks now,” one happy pup-owner says.

Another adorable harness with a cute ‘lil bowtie, this option from Bark Lover is perfect for a puppy-in-training (or just a small dog). The materials are comfortable, it’s easy to take on and off, and customers just can’t get over how dapper it makes their fur love look.

11. Eagloo No Pull Harness (all sizes), $15.99-$25.99

If you’re looking for a brightly-colored harness that’ll help you spot your pup if they were ever to get lost in a crowd (hopefully not!), this is your best bet. Aside from the vivid color options, this highly-rated harness is super comfortable for your dog, adjusts easily, and helps control even the most hyper of doggos. “I like the Eagloo especially since it helps me keep control of my dog, who pulls when we walk. I am in my 60s and my dog is 72 pounds of strong and energetic,” one customer said, and their review should indicate how impactful this product is. The harness’s no-pull design safely keeps your pup under control (no stress on their neck or chest, and no painful pulling), and it also comes with a reflective feature for late-night walks. 

12. Phoepet Upgraded No Pull Harness (all sizes), $18.34-$20.77

The way this harness is designed is to help pet parents adjust the fit as sometimes dogs can stretch out harnesses over time (or just simply grow out of them!). Customers love the soft handle feature — you never know when your pup will get excited and jump on a visitor. “The handle of the back is quite useful when picking (rescuing) her up from all kinds of odd places (puppies are adventurous) and also when controlling her from occasional lunges. Sometimes she wears the harness all day long, and it doesn’t seem to bother her,” one Amazon user claims.

13. Didog Soft Flannel Padded Harness (all sizes), $14.99-$17.99

This extremely soft harness is lightweight and effective. The material is extremely durable, so no matter how energetic your pupper is, this harness can handle it (and OMG the colors!). This harness is especially perfect for dogs with longer hair or more sensitive skin. Customers have raved about how much their dogs love this harness, and that they’ve not only noticed a difference in how they walk, but that they don’t seem irritated whatsoever when wearing it, even after a long time. One pup parent wrote, “This style of harness is super comfy on my dog, does not go anywhere near his underarms where it could chaff and irritate him. It’s great for my longer haired puppy because it does not tangle the hair on his chest like most harnesses do.” 


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