• Cat Face Cat Meme Party Game
  • Cat Face Cat Meme Party Game
  • Cat Face Cat Meme Party Game
  • Cat Face Cat Meme Party Game
  • Cat Face Cat Meme Party Game
  • Cat Face Cat Meme Party Game

Cat Face Cat Meme Party Game



About Cat Face Cat Meme Party Game

Cat Face is a cat meme party game brought to you by the crazy cat people at The Pet Collective. Featuring cats from some of your favorite viral videos, players compete to find the funniest combination of cat faces and funny captions (no litter box required).

  • A great way to show off how much wittier you are than your friends
  • The purr-fect gift for the cat lover in your life
  • Family-friendly card game for 3-8 players, ages 13+
  • Match hilarious cat images with outrageous phrases to create the best combinations
  • 300 cards make for 30-90 mins of gameplay

Ask your cat if Cat Face is right for you

How'd that work out for you? A paw to the face? Feigned indifference? We thought so. Truth is, Cat Face will take your parties to the next level. Catching up over drinks with friends? Play Cat Face. Avoiding family awkwardness after dinner? Play Cat Face. Ignoring your cat back? Play Cat Face. Cat Face lets you keep drinking, continue avoiding politics with Aunt Karen, and keep Mr. Pickles waiting for his cat toy (or all of the above!)



An internet cat game that you don't play on the internet

This game is simple: pull 5 cards and choose one to caption a silly internet cat. Compete with your friends for the funniest meme. We'll also include a booklet with 4 variations on the rules to take your game to the next level. Hilarious, ridiculous and random, Cat Face is fun AF. Grab one for yourself and gift another to a friend.

But I hate cats and I'm not funny

You hate cats? What's the matter with you? OK, even if you hate cats, you'll have fun making fun of cats when you play Cat Face. And if you're not funny, well, you can still play but you'll probably lose. The only reason we can think of for you not to play is if you're under 13 years old. With some mature memes sprinkled into the deck, Cat Face is not for kittens.

What is a litter of kittens called?

A kindle of kittens. Seriously, look it up! We can't promise you the hours of blissful "me time" that reading your Kindle does. But, we can promise that with Cat Face's 300 cards, between 3-8 players won't stop purring for 30-90 minutes. No charging required!

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